Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is only in Nigeria

Hmmmm, that should sum up my mood today. It is only in this Country call Nigeria that wonders can be happening.
I read it in Daily Vanguard the other day, that Police in Kwara State, Nigeria arrested a goat for Armed Robbery. The Police have concrete evidence, that the Goat actually took part in a bid to disposses someone of his Mazda Car. It is only in Nigeria that such thing can happen. I wonder what a LAPD would thing about such an incidence.
It is only in NIgeria that you will work diligently to move Nigeria forward, you are the toast of the masses when you are in charge of your duty, but, because some people are not ready for your revolutionary approach to move Nigeria forward, they use every available means in their disposal to rubbish your hardwork. Mallam El-Rufai and Nuhu Ribadu are good example, Engr. Ndukwe of NCC is also getting in the saddle right as at the time of writing this.
It is only in Nigeria that the Government will anounce a reduction in price of Petrol from 70 to 65 Naira and the marketers will refuse to adjust their pump price. But when Government threaten to enforce the new price, you discovered that there is scarcity of fuel all over the place. It is also in Nigeria that you will witness such a situation whereby the marketer will be reluctant to adjust their pump price any time there is a reduction in price, but are quick to adjust their pump price any time there is increase in pump price.
But wait, is it only in Nigeria? Just ponder along with me!!!

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Chyka said...

This is an interesting post. The arrest of the goat reminds me of one country that imprisoned a pigeon for spying.