Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who will call Abuja VIO to order?

Somebody that is in charge should do something or perhaps this should be taken up by a higher authority. The Abuja VIO should be called to order. Nobody says they should not do their work, which is mainly vehicle inspections. They are not methodical in performing this task at all. Nowadays, vehicle inspections is done during rush hours in the morning when motorists are rushing to their respective offices. They will stop motorists with a checklists of demands ranging from vehicle particulars, drivers licence, Triangle and fire extinguishers etc. One thing I noticed is that, the emphasis is not on whether you complied with their checklists, but on the revenue they will generate to the purse of the organisation. This is evident because once you are stopped, there must be one offence they will book you for. As if this is not enough, any genuine explanations is on deaf ears, as they are quick to remove your plate numbers.
If you are unlucky to be booked for any of the offences, which must be redeemed by payment of various fines, getting out of the jam is another thing entirely, as you will be made to go through strenuous procedures.
Come to think of it, their job is not that important compared to that of Raod Safety which is solely to maintain safety of Roads and Vehicles, the VIO main task is to inspect Vehicles. In other State capitals of the Federation, VIOs are not visible along the roads, it is only in Abuja that they are usurping the work of Road Safety.
The job of inspection of Vehicles should not affect the normal life activities of law abiding citizens who are going about their lawful errands of getting to work early in the morning. For example, in the Estate where I reside here in Abuja, the VIOs will come and station themselves at our Junction leading to the town very early in the morning and harrassing law abiding motorists thereby preventing them from reaching their various offices/destinations at the appointed time. This is very wrong.
This harrassment seems to be limited to average Nigerians as it does not concern those who are at the top, because a mere mention of who owns the vehicle is enough for the VIO to let go. Therefore, I enjoined people to rally round this dangerous trend, by joining this blog in the quest to get the right channel where we can table our petitions.
Ever ponder what will happen in a situation where you dont want to be late for an interview one morning and the VIO stop your vehicle for inspection? It could be you next!! Just pondered.


AlooFar said...

I agree with you. I had a bad experience last December when I was there.

Anonymous said...

I usually don't bother with stuff like this but I had to comment on this 1. Do something about your English. Spellings, precisely. It's appalling.. especially since you're a supposed writer on the internet... E.G .. Have u pause and ponder.. that's in the past, in this context and should be .. have u paused and pondered. Get a grip on your tenses... geez!

twinstaiye said...

Thanks anonymous. Your observations is well noted. I appreciates. I hasten to add however that, you will do well as the speech writer for the British Prime Minister where English Language originates.