Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Siverbirds Entertainment Centre Abuja and its Non Refundable Ticket Money Arrangements

If only there is an email address to forward this to, but I guess I have no alternative than to say it here.
The Silverbirds Entertainment Centre Abuja should call their Staff to order. I was in the company of my family to watch a nollywood movie, on Saturday, 24th April, 2010 at exactly 5pm and I ended up losing 3,000 Naira to their staff over zealousness. I obtained a ticket from one Ijeoma who actually asked me for how many people and I replied for my family. She gave me 2 ticket for myself and my wife. When we got to the gate of the movie theatre we were refused entry by a guy stationed there simply because we came along with our 5 year old son whom the guy classified as under-aged. Fine, What is the next thing to do, he ask us to go back to the box office on 3rd floor for a refund of our ticket money. When we got there, the staff we met, Ifeoma refused to refund our ticket money saying at the same time that it was the management policy. She wanted to apportioned blame as to whether in the first place we should not have been given a ticket for such a particular movie had she known we came in company of our 5 year old son who was busy playing around when I mentioned to her that I came in company of my family. I had to cut her short and told her that, that is not the issue, and that the issue is that me and my family came all the way from our house to relax, but we ended up losing our money and also what we came for. When she would not realise how important that was to us than her stupid management policy, I left thereby losing my 3,000 Naira in the process. The management should do something about this rigid stance of non refundable of ticket money especially where a genuine reasons is involved like mine. Talk of daylight Robbery!!!

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