Monday, April 18, 2011

Congratulations Mr. President

Congatulations Mr. President. 
I just need to let you know that Nigerians voted for your personality,not because you are in PDP, majority of Nigerians voted for you because you are from south south, whom a lot of people believed are minority and whom had never ruled nigeria before.  The North had ruled us more than the West, you are the first from the South South to win an election and rule Nigeria, dont let Nigerians regret it.
Mr President, rule this country in such a way that when you want to leave in 2015, we will all be begging you to stay.  Represent the South South very well so much that Nigerians will realise their mistakes in denying the South South to rule ever since independence.
Mr President Sir, do you know most of your opposition supporters said you are clueless when it comes to affairs of the nation, please prove them wrong.
Goodluck to you in this onerous task ahead. Goodluck to Nigeria!

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