Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) Drug Ordeal

On October 12 2011, Babatunde Omidina widely known as Baba Suwe was arrested at Murtala Mohammed International Airport as a suspect for ingesting drugs suspected to be Cocaine by National Drug Law Enfgorcement Agency (NDLEA).  He was detained to enable them investigate as the scanner revealed that there is a substance in his stomach suspected to be drugs.  All eyes and ears are on the incidence since Baba Suwe is a popular Comedian in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood.  However, days drags by, Baba Suwe was still being held because the suspected drugs in his stomach has not been excreted as expected.  Then days turn to weeks, still the NDLEA were unable to make him excretes the suspected drugs in his stomach.  On the 21st day in detention, he was brought to High Court as earlier ordered and he was granted bail on condition that if nothing was found on him at the expiration of an earlier court order which is expected to end in 3 more days. As nothing was found on him albeit after inhuman efforts to make him excretes the drugs, he was left off the hook after 24 days in detention.
One then wondered the lifespan of a wrap drugs ingested in a human stomach before it burst.  One also wondered why after 24 bowel movements, the NDLEA were unable to make Baba Suwe excretes the drugs.  I continue to pause and ponder what it would be like and how it had been like on ordinary citizen who are not as popular as Baba Suwe if this is what is obtainable from someone that is well known.  The NDLEA certainly are a laughing stock to international community and it really speak volumes about the type of equipment they are parading to fight the drug battle.  It continue to make me ponder if such treatment meted to Baba Suwe are obtainable in other countries, and then I continue to ponder still what it will take to nail a suspect at all cost and have me puzzled as to the type of investigations the NDLEA carried out before Baba Suwe arrest and what type of equipment they are parading to nail him despite the fact that a scan reveal something suspected to be drugs is in his stomach.
The DPP of NDLEA however shows the incompetency of the organisation when he claimed the suspected ingested drug is coming down slowly after 24 days and that they still want to keep Baba Suwe a few days more to monitor the suspected drugs, showing inhuman attitude to Baba Suwe plight. The blogger wondered further if it is one of the well known politicians, whether his detention can be as long as that of Baba Suwe.
Having said all this, it is believed generally that there is an iota of truth in every rumour , there indeed must be something in Baba Suwe Stomach as the scan clearly revealed it, and the insinuations that it was African Magic that prevented him to excretes them makes the whole matter very difficult to ponder.

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