Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah, the title was okay.  Glo revolutionise the Blackberry Internet Service popularly referred to as BIS to GLO BIS COMPLETE for 1,400 Nigeria Naira and they were so loud with the advertisement that they keep telling us that you can browse and do all that the full BIS subsprition will do.  This was evident from their advert to the extent that they will say a BIS without a browser is not a BIS.  So, has anyone pause to ponder whether the Glo BIS COMPLETE is really complete? Read along.
I started using Blackberry on the platform of Airtel which was a  24 month contract. At the expiration in August this year, I dediced to give GLO BIS a trial. I go for the full subscription of 3,000 Nigeria Naira per month, until a few weeks later they started having problems on their network.  Having been accustomed to all these Network Operators, I always believed that they were all the same in terms of network, so I still stick with them.  When the network became so bad in the month of October, I vowed not to waste my money on full BIS anymore, so I went for GLO BIS COMPLETE which is 1,400 per month.  On two occasions, there was total blackout on my BIS Network and I was with the believe that, they had started with their network problem again.  This happened to me during Sallah Holidays and through the holiday I was without BIS Network, I resorted to using wifi at home to power my BIS.  The following week after Sallah holiday, the same thing happened, up till this day.  But  days ago, I met someone who was also using GLO BIS COMPLETE, and I discovered that while mine doesnt have BIS network, the other person had.  I was surprised, I had to do a battery pull and it was still the same.  So this morning, I was still thinking about it, and I remember that I had no credit in my GLO line.  I didnt care if I dont have credit in any of my line as long as the other phone has, because I had two phones.  So I reasoned that perhaps, it was because there wasnt credit on my glo line that was the reason I couldnt get BIS network on my blackberry. So I bought credit online, and Bingo!! my BIS network came on.
This Network Operators are really taking us for a ride.  A full month subscription BIS should be working whether you have credit on your line or not. BIS has nothing to do with having credit on your sim, because it isnt pay as you go, it is a one off payment.  I want to believe that, there might be hidden charges apart from the amount charge for this BIS COMPLETE subscription which subscribers are not aware of, otherwise, I dont see the reason why a subscriber must have credit in his or her glo line before your BIS network become operational. Those who are using full GLO BIS should also take note of this discovery, they might be denying them the use of their money too simply because your glo line wasnt recharged.
Pause and Ponder, enough of this rip off. Haba!!!

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