Friday, December 16, 2011

Recycled Politicians and the Blaming game

I remembered vividly when President Goodluck Jonathan was contesting last April election, majority of voters were like, I am voting for Jonathan, am not voting for PDP, because PDP is Nigerian problem. Has anyone paused to pondered that PDP was actually formed in 1999 whereas Nigerian problem has been on over 50 years ago.
I made it bold to say that, we should stop singling out PDP as our problem as indeed the Politicians are our problem.  For instance, most of the Politicians are being recycled, and they are carpet crossing politicians, today they may be in ACN and before you know it, in another political dispensation, they are with PDP.  Mall El-Rufai was indeed a PDP member during Obasanjo regime, today he is dining and wining with CPC and at the same time becoming an emergency anti government crusaders.  Most of the politicians in the newly controlled ACN states in the south west were formerly with PDP, now they have cross carpeted to ACN.
I therefore enjoined most of us to stop blaming PDP as Nigerian problem, the politicians indeed as a whole are our problems.  The youth of this country should bear this in mind, as from experience, these politicians are using this against us, and at slightest opportunity, they also blame the ruling party, just to get noticed, and what do we get in return, the same treatment meted out to us by PDP. Paused, and ponder this.

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