Sunday, December 4, 2011

When Roger Federer won a record 6th ATP World Tour Final

I was in the comfort of my home watching the finals between Tsonga and Roger Federer.  It was a tense Sunday afternoon as with Federer recent form, I expect him to despatched Tsonga in 2 straight sets.  My expectations was coming to fore when suddenly Federer begin to confirm my worst fear, he began to fumble in the second sets having won the first set in 6-2.  I was under pressure as if if he won, my life depends on it, but the joy of him creating another record of 6 win of ATP world Tour final and winning his 70th career title in his 100th final keeps me under pressure.
So when the second sets got to a tie break, I can watch it anymore, because with the way it is going, I am pretty sure, my heart cant bear to watch him perform miserably anymore, so I switch channel, even though my thought is with the game playing on.  
A mild drama played itself in my household as regard the match.  The moment I switched channel my spouse was watching it in the bedroom, and she keep making side comments as regard the Federer lack lustre performance in the 3rd and final sets.  I had to warn her to keep it to herself because I cant bear to listen nor watch, as I prepared my mind for a loss. Any ardent Federer fan will remembered that the same Tsonga won against Federer at the Wimbledon even though Federer was 2 set up in the match, and the thought that the same scenario is about to play itself made me believed it is all over for Federer to win the 6th record world ATP tour title.
When my spouse came again to make another side comments which suggests Federer performance isnt encouraging, I set up the quarrel between us by switching off the DSTV Receiver and hell was let loose.  That solved my problem as the match was blanked out and I dont have anyone to feed me with the poor performance of Federer, even though my mind wass still on the outcome of the result.
Finally, I summon enough courage to confirm my worst fear a while later to confirm the outcome of the match on the internet, and you can imagine my joy when I saw that it was Federer that won the match. 
Ever pause to ponder what actually is our gain as fans when in actual fact, there is no any monetary satisfaction to be derived despite our support, and we go to the length of going under pressure and having blood pressure. Federer won, it calm my nerves and that is what matters!

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