Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beware of Abuja Green Taxi

My friend narrated how she was robbed by these Abuja Green Taxi and I felt I should spread the awareness to the General Public. She boarded one of the green Taxi around 7pm on Monday night, she was on her way to Gwarimpa. She said immediately she was about to enter, the taxi man open the inner light for her, she then proceeded and enter. She said when they were in a deserted road somewhere in Gwarimpa, suddenly, there was a high volume of music inside the car, and before she knew it, someone came from back seat and put a knife around her neck threatening to waste her if she make any noise. Thereafter, she was robbed of all her belongings, her wrist watch, phones, gold trinkets etc. They then took off and throw her outside the vehicle. She told me that, there was nobody on the back seat when the taxi man put on the inner light and that from the look of thing, the man that attacked her was from inside the booth, I guess it has to be those Abuja Green taxi that their booth are linked to the back seat. So, pause and ponder, when next you want to board any of the Abuja Green taxi, especially at night, check the booth to make sure, nobody is inside. Please pass this experience around.

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