Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Etisalat FRAUD on Data rollover

If you are an etisalat easyblaze data users, there is this sms they used to send when you finished subscribing that, you can roll over your unused data after it expired at the end of the month. I want to tell you that, it is a complete fraud as there are hidden rules attached to it that they are not informing the unsuspecting Nigerian Internet Subscribers. First and foremost, I am a power user of Etisalat Internet, I used their network for my Blackberry, another for my Samsung galaxy tab and of course another one for my home Wireless router. So this is from my experience. My practice was to subscribe to N8,000 naira worth of their 6GB of Easy blaze for my galaxy tab and at the same time activates its hotspot wifi which I carry around as my mobile wireless internet which I use on my galaxy tab and in office. I normally subscribed to 1,000 naira worth of 200MB for my home wireless router since mostly it is only facebook my household browse mostly, so, 200MB is enough, besides, I complement that with the 6GB on my galaxy tab when I get home from work. Each time I subscribed to all these Data plans, I had never verified whether my unused data was transfer over to my new plan as I believed they are always. So, last month when I wanted to subscribed to my usual 6GB of data, I discovered that they have 10GB for 10,000 naira, and I was like, why not go for 10,000 naira 10GB instead of 8,000 naira 6GB of data, putting it at the back of my mind that, I can as well roll over the unused data. I did exactly. When it expired this morning, I quickly subscribed to their 200MB which is 1,000 naira believing that I have over 5GB of unused data in my previous 10GB I subscribed to last month, but I was surprised to see that my balance of data was just 260MB, meaning I was only given 60MB of unused data. I was so furious, and I quickly put a call to their customer centre, I was LUCKY enough to be answered to after 33 minutes of waiting on the queue. Their customer representatives, one YETUNDE, who refused to give her surname told me, there are rules governing it which is that, I should have to subscribed to another 10GB of data before I can get my unused DATA back. I was so furious and I made it known to her that, that is tantamount to fraud, because, there is nowhere the explanations is known to the general public. I then told her that, my 200MB data will soon expired, and that I am going to renew it, but am sure I have over 200MB unused, and that I will see whether what she told me is true or not. She further confirmed their company forgeries by revealing to me further that, for me to enjoy my unused 200MB, I have to subscribe before it expire. I quickly told her that, that too is a fraud because each time I want to subscribe before my data expire, they always told me to opt out before I can subscribe. These GSM companies are all FRAUD. When I ask the customer representative to give me evidence that I made this complain with their customer representatives, she told me, there is nothing to give me. whereas, Nigerian Communications Commission Consumer Affairs Bureau used to made us understand that if we are not satisfy with any answer to our customer grievances we can reach them, but first by collecting a ticket of that particular transactions. That is another FRAUD on the part of these GSM companies So, I paused and ponder, is there any iota of truth in any of these GSM companies mouth watering offer? From the above, there is an evidence that when they make a mouth watering offer, there are hidden rules on how they get their money back from the pocket of unsuspecting general public. I told the Etisalat customer representatives YETUNDE that I am putting this discovery on facebook, Internet so unsuspecting general public can be aware, I wouldnt want to dissappoint her. So when next time you are subscribing to ETISALAT internet, bear in mind the highest roll back of unused data they will give you is 60MB irrespective of unused GB you have.

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