Monday, September 17, 2012

That Etisalat HAPPY WEEKEND Recharge Promo is Fraud

Ok, I received the SMS on my phone on Friday afternoon. It reads: "HAPPY WEEKEND is here again! Start recharging from 6pm today and get double on all your recharges of N200, N500, N1,000, N2,000 and N5,000 to call all networks".
As my phone had been out of credit for the greater part of the week and was looking for money to recharge, and as I was about to purchase a credit, I was like, let me wait till 6pm and recharge.
So when I got home later in the evening, I painfully bought 500 naira credit, and to my greatest surprise, I got the following reply. "Dear customer, for recharging N500.00 you have received an additional bonus of N500.00 both valid till 23.59 on Sunday."
This is fraud.  If you are giving me a bonus, it can expire, but my real earn credit I purchase cant certainly expired in 2 days.
What etisalat is doing is a big fraud to unsuspecting Nigerians.  What indirectly they are telling us is to recharge a lower denomination, because, in my case now, I recharge 500.00 and get another 500 naira, and since I did not make much call for the weekend, I lost both my original credit and my bonus. 
Someone should drum it into the ear of this network operators to stop using corny ways to extract money from the customers. When next I receive such weekend recharge promo, I am going to load just 100 naira, since they are telling us that we cant recharge more than that, less you end up forfeiting your credit.
Now Pause and Ponder, they even give us the option of recharging 5,000 naira credit and they expect us to finish all the 10,000 credit in 2 days. Now, should in case I recharge 5,000 naira credit, and I got 5,000 bonus, does that mean I will forfeit the whole 5,000 original credit when I couldnt even finish the bonus of 5,000 not to talk of the original 5,000 credit? That is a big FRAUD.

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