Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No, Not Agbani Darego

The controversy generated by a recent event where it was alleged that our own Agbani Darego was topless catches my attention. The pictures which was carried by which wrongly put a caption as if to say it was Agbani that was topless in the picture whereas, it was another model. Trust Naijas, they had been feasting on it that our own Agbani was topless in a recent event in Lagos, Nigeria. Of particularly cruel was the headline of Nigerian daily newspaper Daily Independent which not only carry the alledged picture in its weekend paper, but wrote a cruel and wicked epistle on Agbani without backing its facts. If you take a careful look at this link, that is where the whole scenarios emanates. Scroll down and you will notice that in the column 13, 14, 15 and 16, there are different pictures in the gallery, the picture on gallery 13 is the bone of contention now. The caption under the gallery was "Agbani and another model on the run way". Then it said "14, 15 and 16 models on the runway". Now this shows that Agbani was the model in black outfit in the gallery picture number 13, as could be shown with this link.
Another blogger supported the wicked assumptions that it was our own Agbani Darego in this link.
I had wondered what happend to this misrepresentations because as far as I am concerned, the model that is topless from the above link and as could be seen below is not and does not represent our own Agbani Darego. The Daily Independent writer that wrote that wicked write-up also claimed he saw the picture not that he was there and witness Agbani at the event. Haba, This is wicked. Nigerians are the worst pretenders I had ever seen, they love nudity, but will be the one to condemned one when they see it. I challenged anyone that is in doubt to check the pictures once again, it wasnt our own Agbani Darego, it was indeed another Model in the same runway with Agbani Darego. Has anyone pause to ponder on those pictures again, look at the alledged picture and Agbani, It wasnt certainly our own Agbani Darego.

The write up of Daily Independent newspaper is done in bad faith and is very wicked about Agbani. As if that was not enough, a lot of readers do not take it upon themselves to cross check the facts and get the true picture of the whole matter before passing judgement. They all jump into conclusion that, it was indeed Agbani that was topless. I said it once again, take a long PAUSE AND PONDER, take a long look at the picture of the real Agbani and the alledged topless picture, certainly, that is not Agbani Darego. I may not possess a recent picture of Agbani Darego, but the topless model wasnt her at all. And this bullshit about make-up on her, is not true, Agbani had always maintain her black beauty. How come none of the people that present at the occasion comfirm that it was indeed Agbani that goes topless. The Daily Independent Newspaper article does not categorically stated there is anyone who confirm she was the one that is topless. See this link
Like Seun, the Administrator of Nairaland said, "If Agbani is guilty of anything, she is guilty of mingling with topless models. Creative critics should consider questioning her sexual orientation if they run out of ideas for criticism." Shame!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parastatals Merger

Ever since the government made it known that it intended to merge some of its parastatals, a lot of some voices in the public had been calling for merging of NCC i.e Nigerian Communications Commission with NITDA i.e National Information Technology Development Agency and of course NBC – Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.
Coming mostly from stakeholders in the ICT sectors, they argued that the three agencies had inter-lapping functions, and that in some countries, all three are under the same roof of an agency.
I wonder why NCC should be among this type of argument when it was establish by a decree which had since been re-enacted by National Assembly with the advent of Communications Acts, 2003. An Agency that was so well established by an Acts should be exempted from such merger even though it is big enough to accommodate other government Agency.
Having said this, I forsee it practicable that NCC absorb NITDA, but certainly not NBC. But come to think of it, it would be a wonderful combination should the 3 be merge together, as in the past, NBC are encroaching on the activities of NCC by giving licence to some Telecom Operators to broadcast some radio stations through their network which to me seems exclusive jurisdictions of NCC.
Let us pause and ponder over this, that should the 3 be merged together, isnt the masses that are going to gain, or the worse of it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Six months today, I still feel the pain

My Son, it is exactly six months today when you left me, you left for the journey I have never been to. You left me with deep scar and I can only lick my wounds everyday by shedding deep sob for your demise. No days ever passed without me pondering over you, and mostly I pause to ponder where and what you are doing at that point in time. I missed you so much, if only tears and grieve can bring you back, I have shed more than enough. Your demise left me so much pain, that even when I took great pain to write this, I am still shedding tears. Adieu my son. I really, really missed you. Posted by Picasa

Suppose OBJ third term was a ruse?

Now that the Senators had burried the third term amendment bill and the bills that goes with it. Suppose OBJ does not really mean to go for third term? Has anyone try to look the matter from that perspective? Suppose third term was only use knowing fully well that it will generate a lot of uproar to kill the passing of other bills vis-a-vis the immunity for President and Governors? the Derivation formula etc. Suppose what OBJ really wants was to show to the world and that incoming government can never amend the constitution to elongate their stay in government in Nigeria as compared to the rest of africa. Suppose OBJ did all this to let Nigerians know that his government will be the last government with two terms and that the two terms syndrome is not feasible again. Suppose the target of OBJ is 6 year single term for incoming president and governors, suppose all the hulla balloo of the 3rd term is just a wild goose chase just to let incoming government know what they will face should they decide to stay put in office in Nigeria. Suppose OBJ is also working underground to defeat third term. Has anyone pause to think about this?
Pause to ponder whether any sit tight government in Nigeria and indeed in Africa does not goes to any length to achieve their dreams. Pause to ponder whether or not there are thousands of ways for OBJ to continue in office if desired to do so, he would have done his homework very well, know those who will work against him and take care of them with EFCC and ICPC. Pause to ponder whether all the 3rd term imbroglio was to wake Nigerians up that the Vice President who had since abandon his office to plan for third term is not fit as our President and that with the defeat of the third term now, a credible candidate is what Nigerians will be looking for which perhaps is what OBJ really wants when he knew those whom he might propose to succeed him may never see the light of the day? Have we pause to ponder that the impasse behind the 3rd term was another good work of OBJ to show the world that Nigerians is ripe in her democracy so much so that no government can try to elongate himself in office, and thereby setting a precedence to oncoming government. Whichever way you look at it, it is when OBJ leave the office that you will realise the work he had done and the good face he had given our democracy. Long live Nigerians and Long Live OBJ.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Still on Nigerian Daily Sun Newspaper

Check the above caption, and then may be you can prove me wrong. How on earth can a newspaper link 3rd term matter with such a tragic incidence? It shows this newspaper is biased as far as 3rd term issue is concerned. Has anyone prove me wrong when in my previous blog thread i accused the newspaper of having 3rd term as its only back cover title. I guess when it taught the issue of pipeline explosion is more important than its propanganda on 3rd term it decided to use the above caption. This is shame.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Our Husbands have gone mad again

Okay, I read this in the Olusegun Adeniyi's column in Nigeria Thisday Newspaper- 'The Verdict' with the title of "Memo to our Wives" and I cant help but reproduce it here.
No doubt, most household in Nigeria nowadays are football adict, and apart from being a crazy supporter of Super Eagles we all have different teams we routed for either in English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, French Lique or Championat and German Bundesliga or even Italy Serie A. But when it comes to World cup, we dont want to miss a single match, because we tend to see our soccer favourite doning their country's jersey. So This brought up this memo to our wives not to disturb us during the world cup campaign. Ever pause to ponder that within the period of one month when the World cup fiesta will lasted, We, the husband will go mad again. Here it goes.

• During the World Cup, the television is for us, your husbands, at all times, without any exceptions. If you have to pass by in front of the TV during a game, we don't mind, as long as you do it crawling on the floor and without distracting us. If you decide to stand nude in front of the TV, we won't even see you and please make sure you put clothes on right after. Because if you catch a cold, we won't have time to take you to the doctor or look after you lest we miss the next important match.
•During the games we will be blind, deaf and dumb, unless we require a refill of our drinks or need something to eat. We know you would not, at this most crucial period, expect us to listen to you, open the door, answer the telephone, or pick up the baby that just fell on the floor....It won't happen!
• You are welcome to sit with us to watch one game and you can talk to us during half-time but only when the commercials are on, and only if the half-time score is favourable. In addition, please note that we say 'one' game; hence do not use the World Cup as a nice cheesy excuse that we 'spend time together'.
• The daily World Cup highlights shown on TV every night are just as important as the games themselves. Do not even think about saying 'but you have already seen this...why don't you change the channel to something we can all watch?' We don't care if we have seen them or we haven't seen them, we want to see them again. Many times.
• Please, inform your friends NOT to have any babies, or any other child related parties or gatherings that require our attendance because: a) we will not go, b) we will not go, and c) we will not go!
• But, if a friend of ours invites us to his house on a Sunday to watch a game, we will be there in a flash. And finally, please save your expressions such as 'thank God the World Cup is only every four years'. We are immune to these words. Because after the World Cup comes the UEFA Champions League, English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, Italian League, CAF Champions League, CAF Cup, Copa Liberterdores, WAFU CUP, COSAFA Castle Cup, World Club Championship, Confederation Cup, Intertoto cup...

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Nigeria Daily sun Newspaper and Third Term Biased

Perhaps I am the only one that noticed this. The headline of the newspaper everyday is always centred on Third Term. Does it mean there is no any other issue of importance as news than the third term? This is not unconnected with the fact that the publisher i.e Governor of Abia State, Mr Kalu is interested in 2007 presidency. The Daily Sun newspaper is now used as anti 3rd term propaganda. If you want to read news that with a biased on third term in Nigeria, grab a copy of Daily sun Newspaper and you wont be dissappointed with the headline that will stare your face. for instance today's Healine is "Third Term debate begin in Senate, Obasanjo 3, Nigerians 10." I will continue to give you update on their headlines in the "comments" below as time goes on.
Ever pause and Ponder what this politician will not do to achieve their political ambition? Then I pause and ponder again, was all this biased reporting of Daily News paper on Third Term for the betterment of Nigeria democracy or realisation of Presidential ambition of its Publisher Governor Kalu? I ponder.

Nigeria Football, Which way?

Soccer is perhaps the only eventful sport that unite Nigerians, it is only when Nigeria Super Eagers are playing that you see all the Nigerians cut across ethnicity and religion unite together to cheer their darling teams. There you will see the christian not minding the presence of a muslim spectator calling on Allah or reciting his Rosary to seek God's favour for his team, while the Muslim on the other hand will not mind his christian spectators singing "Ose, Ose o, Ose ooooo, Ose Baba' and even joining in the uncacophonous music and tone the song brought to cheer their darling Super Eagles.
Having said this, the foregoing shows how important the game of soccer is to Nigerians. But recently, our football is in jeopardy because of a single individual. The current Chairman of Nigerian Football Association (NFA) is putting our soccer into jeopardy. He is using his own selfish interest to thwart what is uniting us together as one. At a time when people does not seem to have interest in what the government can do for them, they dont however dont joke with Soccer and Alh Ibrahim Galadima is trying to fiddle with their only source of happiness.
Perhaps it is only in Nigeria that public office holder want to continue in the office when they are not performing. Perhaps it is only in Nigeria that public office holder will use any means to perpetrate themselves in the office, and Galadima is not an exception. For God's sake he should have known that the game of soccer is bigger than himself. He should have seen the handwriting on the wall that the people does not want him. What is more, the government is also against his election, he know this and he corniously use the FIFA's frown on government interference in football to rig himself into office once again, thereby getting the FIFA nod as the chairman. But what he failed to realise is that, the love of people for the game of soccer is greater than his election, or was it selection. No any individual is greater than the people, and no any individual can fight government to stand still, as Galadima want to do. I said government because if indeed the President want him there, Baba would have silent Sport Minister or cal him to order. The government and the people does not sanction his election, and he want to continue in the office. Whether we like it or not, the government assistance can never be cut out of the game, and the earlier Galadima know this, the better.
The only way forward for our game is that, Galadima should resign immediately otherwise, his name will be marked in ink as the man that spoil the only sport that bring happiness to Nigerians. His name will be remembered as the man who brought our football backward, and of course as the man who put his own selfish interest in the form of estacode he gets from the trips as NFA chairman than the love of Nigerians and the game of football. Galadima is only lucky that Nigerians are not violent, as his rigidity could have caused him his life or those closed to him, were it to be in some other crazy loving countries. Enough for the wise.
Pause to Ponder along with me and it baffles me, why our public office holder chooses to be in office in contrast to the institution they represents. Pause to ponder why Galadima chooses to continue to be the NFA Chairman when he knew that majority people and Government of Nigeria are not in support of his position. Pause and ponder whether he would want to be the Chairman of an NFA that is not given all the support in this world to operate and kindly pause and ponder whether Galadima's adamant to remain in office was for the purpose of Nigeria football or his selfish interest.