Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Down, Very Down

This is the second day in the running that nothing interests me one bit. I guess it started through the weekend, but the feeling wasn't as high at it is during the working days. A number of things could be the reasons, as one of my friend would want to agree that it could be due to old age or middle age as she put it. That reason I found very amusing because I am a lively person who knows what makes my day and go for it. But these days, they just don't interest me any more.
But what I felt could be responsible is someone that is part of me is due to sign the dotted lines in a couple of weeks. I guess losing the person to marriage life is beginning to occur to me as it is quite clear that the friend in question means a lot to me. But what can I do, I just have to let go, even though it is very painful and a very difficult thing to do, life must go on.
Now I know how it feels to let go, especially when the person concerned means a lot to you and contribute to your happiness in your life. I now know why some people are so selfish enough to do everything to frustrate their friends wedding because of what they shared together that is going down the drain. But I learn it the hard way that even though I felt the same, I am not brought up that way not to understand when to let go, and let friends move on with their life.
If you are reading this my dear friend, I want to tell the world that I cherished so much what we share together and want the world to know that I can never find another person to fill the vacuum you left in my life. You are everything to me and for ever what we share together that makes our friendship so deep in my heart will never be forgotten. As you leave the life of single for double, I can only but wish you a happy married life. I love you so much!


Freelance said...

Lovely Post. I have a post on letting go by Bishop T. D Jakes on my blog. You can read it. It helped me when I was holding on to some people in my life. I read it aloud to myself almost everyday. Although I still have thoughts about the person. I still feel better and happier. It's just very good to understand when someone's part in your success story is over.

Wish you all the best.



twinstaiye said...

Thanks freelance, your link will sure be of help.

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