Friday, August 10, 2007

The Killer Kerosene

Kerosene explosion has reared its ugly heads again in Nigeria. Of recent, in parts of Delta State, particularly Ughelli and Warri, kerosene explosions claimed no less than 11 lives and left a number of property destroyed. As if that was not enough, the ugly development spread to neighbouring Rivers State where at the Nigerian Railways Quarters in Port Harcourt five people lost their lives. Earlier, kerosene explosions had occured in Okoduiri in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State and in Borokiri area of Port Harcourt.
These explosions are mainly caused by adulterated Kerosene. In order to make higher profit, since Kerosene is more expensive than Petrol, they probably mixed the content of Kerosene with Petrol fuel. This always resulted in explosion moreso because of the presence of Petrol in the kerosene mostly when the end user are using it to fuel their Kerosene Stove or carelessly display near a naked fire with the understanding that ordinary Kerosene will not cause explosion.
It is high time the distribution of this items is regularised to avoid this ugly incidence. I had paused and ponder that this is what is obtainable from Kerosene distribution that are adulterated, the consequences of this adulterated items could only be made known because of explosion it caused, what about those who had died one way or the other through other means of adulterations viz drugs, water and of course baby food items all in the way of making quick profits. Truth is, there are lots of victims these adulterations had claimed their lives which we dont know of, since most of the people that are affected simply buried their dead without conducting autopsy to determined the cause of death.
This country Nigeria, may God continue to save us from those who wants to get rich and maximise their profits at the expense of the lives of some innocent citizens.

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