Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HITV and its Exclusive EPL TV Rights

Ever since the exclusive TV rights to English Premiership (EPL) which saw Nigeria bundled together with Africa was unbundled last year with High Entertainment Company known as HITV winning the right for Nigeria, a lots of Nigerian heave a sigh of relief that the monopoly of Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) is eventually broken. I remembered that some people are quick to point out that it is not the broken monopoly that matters but whether there will be a continuity of enjoyment of the English Premier League as was the case with the former owner of the rights DSTV.
Truth is 3 days to the commencement of this year league, the HITV is yet to commence its much talk about satellite bouquet that will enable all parts of Nigeria to view its channel. As at the time of writing this, it is only in Lagos that their services operates and that too is on terrestrial platform, which is not 100% quality of service.
For those of us who are ardent fans of English premier League (EPL), our hope of watching the commencement of the league is dashed as news emanating from HITV office indicates that those outside Lagos might have to wait a little longer if they have to hook up with their TV channels. I bet we have to depend on the one match per week free live broadcast by Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria and the weekly highlights.
When would a Nigerian wholly owned companies rise up to the occasion like its counterparts in Globacom? HITV Do something fast and I am tired of having to call your office to find out what is happening. You owe Nigerians and lovers of Soccer updates, and please make sure your e-mail address is working, my last mail to you to inquired about your satellite bouquet was returned.


Anonymous said...

i think before they can give a particular company right to what thje public are benefitting from they need to know if the company have already covered 80% of the population needing there services cos here in osun state in nigeria there is no hitv and no premiership what a loss to us here pls dop something fast

Anonymous said...

hitv is so far a disapointment
if the cant give us epl games let dstv come back now before we miss so much.

Anonymous said...

Its a pity that Nigerians will always stomach all sorts of nonsence from its leaders and bad business decision, while take away rights from a performing Organisation and give it to a company we dont understand whether he can deliver, just because they are connected in high places, well if someone can tell them, let them know we are organising a nationwide peaceful demostration and will not take this any longer.

Chelsea Fan from PH

Anonymous said...

HiTV staggers from mess to the next. We were told by the then minister that nigeria had indigenous companies capable of providing this service Clearly he cannot have meant to include HiTV in that statement. This is March and still they fail dismally. Latest mess was the Liverpool V West Ham game which turned into 30 minutes of Football Review then the mach between the 2 teams of last month Did they think no one would notice No explanation, no apology any old crap will do for Nigeria.
Put this company out of their misery hand it over to professionals.

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