Thursday, October 4, 2007

She wont resign? - So What?

So what if Madam Speaker does not want to resign? To me, I want to believe that the whole saga is being politicised, and definitely not on the fact of fighting "due Process" as our Lawmakers want us to believe. Truth is what was the precedence before she became speaker? I am quite sure if the probe covered the past speakers of the house, we will discovered that due process wasnt follow during their terms. Why was her own different? Was it because she is a woman, no wonder there was no a single woman in the panel that probe the scandal? or perhaps because she step on some toes who are hell bent in keeping certain key Chairman of certain committees as their birthright? Was it because she has the rubber stamp of the former President? or better still because some adversaries want to take her position by all means.
Whilst I am not saying this in her support, I however hold the firm belief that those Politicians are all the same. There is no gainsaying in it that the next successor will follow due process. It is when those lawmakers want to deal with any of their colleagues who seems not to dance to their tunes or follow the lay down "systems where rub my back I rub yours persist" that they invoke some nice tune like ("due process") that the public will want to hear to crucify each other. They are all the same. I hasten to add however that all their in-fighting was not because of we the electorates they represents, but because of their pockets no wonder they can descend so low as to box shamefully at the House while their children are watching the show of shame. I beg let us hear words. If she said she wont resign, who cares! One thing is quite clear, her resignation can never set things right as long as her successor continue to sing the tune they want to hear and not the tune the electorates wants. To hell with their lots.

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Omodudu said...

I beleive she should still resign..argumentum ad populum..