Tuesday, October 9, 2007

When Dida took a 'dive'

'Diving' is the right football terms to use to describe the action of AC Milan goaltender Dida, when he did theunthinkable during the last UEFA champions league involving Celtic FC. A crazy Celtic FC fan invaded the pitch after his team had scored the winning goal to 'tap' (I wont say slap) Dida on the shoulder or was it neck? Dida responded by trying to pursue the fan, when he couldnt catch up with him after about three strides, he felt on the ground as if the effect of the tapping has just gone down on him. The resultant effect of the scenarios was that, Dida was stretch out of the field of play because of that incident. Now that is what I called diving in the field of play.
This whole scenarios further put paid to my believe that those Italian clubs are known for one thing in the game 'cheating'. What Dida failed to achieved from his 'diving' act was that the referee has no power to decide on this particular type of 'diving' but the UEFA itself. They subsequently subject him to disciplinary action. We awaits their decision.

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