Monday, October 22, 2007

Still on Big Brother Africa II

I just need to say this that most Africans are pretenders when it come to the matter of morality. Take the case of Big Brother Africa II for instance, they are the one to quickly condemn the shower hour and also the first to watch it with a great attention.
Mnet is at liberty to show the content of Big Brother Africa as long as the content does not violates the age restrictions. The TV station put the age restrictions on the screen and this shows that certain category of people should be restricted. TV is meant to entertain and relax from a hard day's job, and it goes to show that what is a one man's meat is another man's poison. What some people are quick to condemn is another person's fantasy.
Truth is, if the content of Big Brother Africa II is too much to bear for those who are complaining, let them just switch to other channels or better still block the channel. Enough of shifting blame to other places for what we ourselves have absolute control over.

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