Monday, April 7, 2008

How Wonderfuel Weekend now?

Yeah, How ya wonderfuel weekend be now? Not with the fuel scarcity biting hard now in the midst of plenty. Now our politicians are trying to stir the masses revolt again. Whilst the masses pretend as if nothing happen to all the problems this country has because of them, they still deem it fit to add to our problems.
Their shows of shame of probing immediate past government is not enough, as the masses watch with hatred, as if something drastic will happen to all the loud probe going on, they pursue personal vendetta in the name of probe to gain the masses sympathy, as if that is what will solve our problems in this country. Instead of them to continue working, and see what legacy they will also leave when it lasted, even though we all know they are also into amassing of wealth into their selfish pocket.
Now the fuel scarcity is back, and heaven knows when it will go off the streets in this country. The danger in the scarcity if it continue for a long time is that, some people in certain quarters are raking in millions daily, and if it continue like this, they wont want their sources of making millions to dry up, so sabotaging the government efforts is the next line of action, while the masses wanton in penury of fuel scarcity and unavailability of power. This country tired me jare.
So how weekend be? Ever ponder whether this kind of weekend will continue? I mean in the midst of fuel scarcity, God forbids, not again!!!

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