Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Third Eye

I had that believe that I have sharp eyes, and this perhaps was because when I was young, I am amazed with the sharpness of my pair of eyes. But recently, things are not so well with my eyes that I had to visit the Doctor.
I couldnt believe myself, when I was given a pair of reading glasses. Now, I can read clearly especially small printed matter.

The Food Crisis
I felt jitters this morning when it occurred to me that food crisis may engulf this country if adequate care is not taken. Prices of food especially grains have gone high astronomically by 100%. Even, Thailand, where importation of rice is coming from mostly, have stop export in a bid to take care of impending world food crisis and planned ahead.
Nigeria leaders and politicians are busy on witch hunting of each other, scoring political cheap points in the name of probe that will never see the light of the day. Now is the time for them to work for huge amount of money they earn, by trying every possible ways to ameliorate this food crisis. Nigerians can afford to tolerate their excesses in the midst of lack of power, water, good roads, equipped hospital, but I doubt it, if they can adjust to food crisis. I hope they are thinking the way am thinking.

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ababoypart2 said...

They better think the way you are thinking or the place will not be big enough for them and everyone else

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