Wednesday, April 9, 2008

That El-Rufai Probe

Hardliners sure dont have a place in politics in Nigeria. This notion come to light as a result of recent call for probe of El-Rufai tenure as Minister of FCT. I had not seen a public probe of a former Minister in the past, perhaps El-Rufais would be the first.
Mark it, I am not saying anyone is a saint and that El-Rufai is free from any mismanagement, but truth be told, I cotninue to ponder that the real reason behind the seeming probe is to get back at him especially on some powerful toes he had stepped on during his tenure.
I continue to ponder how some of this politicians want to ruin this country at all cost. My grouse is that, those house demolished by El-Rufai during his tenure were mostly acquire by "know me I know you syndrome", were it be some of us do know people in the government too, does that mean we would also be arranged to own plots of land and houses at the detriment of land own by the masses? Whilst I dont have sympathy for some big shots that their house were demolished because it does not comply with FCT master plan, because in the first instance, those land were gotten illegally, I however felt symphathy for some less big shots, and I am sure there are compensation for some of them.
Having said this, probe or no probe, this has reminded me that hardliners does not have a place in nigerian politics. For any hardliners who refused to dance to their tunes or compromise their stands, the results is what is happening now to El-Rufai. Probe is now the weapon used by politicians to come back at their opponents, and the House of Reps and Senate are sure using the weapon to their advantage. Ever ponder what the outcome of such probe would be other than to make noise as the case had always been in the past? Still Pondering.................

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yes, probes and suggested probes/investigations are being wielded so much almost to make them irrelevant nowadays. I prefer to get my dramatic entertainment from film but in Nigeria, politics is now the main source of daily entertainment. Unfortunately, the 'probers' do not realize that they are also making a mockery of themselves and the systems they are supposed to represent/defend.