Thursday, March 9, 2006

Joan of Big Brother Nigeria

Have you been following the trend at Big Brother Nigeria now showing on Channel 37 of DSTV? Well, it is the eye catcher now for Nigerians. The idle ones devote time to watch them for 20 hours a day, how boring it could be sometimes. Well, I am a fan of one of the housemate - Joan, I just dont know but I fell for her instantly. As the show goes on, I noticed that she behave naturally among the lots. As if that is not enough, she is in the middle of a relationship with Chinedu another male housemate.
Joan carry along well in the house, she virtually contribute mostly to every topic, she is the first to raise the issue of sex among the housemates. She was indeed discussing with Chinedu, whom they both have now seem to have gone far in some kind of starting a lovey dovey affair. Yesterday, I watched them cuddling and smoothing and from what I saw it is a matter of time before they start kissing and caresing each other.
To me, that kind of disposition between both of them shows that they are in the house to catch the fun of it. Believe me, if they continue like that, there is no way they can fake anything about their attitude for world to see. I mean that being in a kind of platonic friend and showing it to each other what love means, will sometimes make them unaware that the world is watching.
Pause to ponder, and watch Big Brother Nigeria and ponder on what I have written above, or better still come up with your own assessment of Chinedu and Joan.

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twinstaiye said...

Lest I forget, I had a website on her, - check it out and see some pictures of her even when she is on the set.

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