Thursday, March 9, 2006

When She is not around

I love my wife very much, she is everything to me, and this I noticed because I hardly do anything without taking her into consideration - decision wise. One thing I like to say today is that, I missed her the moment she is not around. I am the kind that depend solely on her culinary provisions, and with this in mind, I only take some snacks while in office, while I await eagerly and looking forward to a sumptuous meal after a days hard work at home. But nowadays, she is not around and I now depend on Mr Biggs or Tantalizer food for my dinner. I had some households who can cook as well, but I just dont have apetite for their food. Pause to ponder why most times our wife are around, we hardly know their worth or better still, we got carried away about how much they mean to us compare to when they are not around?

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