Friday, March 31, 2006

Obasanjo's Alledged Third Term - Do Masses has anything to lose?

I had thought about this times without number that if indeed OBJ is ready to go for third term, from masses point of view, do we really have anything to lose?
I had equally found out that the only thing bestowed to the masses in democractic settings is what is readily available in terms of economy, social and infrastructures, which looking at this, i can give OBJ a pass mark.
I had ruminate over it that, those who are crying blue murder over his alledged third term are mostly those who stand to gain plenty things personally, and not that they love Nigerian so well except of course the human rights activist like Gani, Wole Soyinka et al who are genuinely fighting a deliberate alteration to the constitution.
Having said this, it goes on to show that, if those crying over a spill milk apart from the human rights activists came to power tomorrow, they cant do better than what OBJ has achieved. In this wise, let him continue if he wants to, afterall, we masses has nothing to lose. Besides, our votes or our voice can certainly not change anything in Nigerian politics. If the foregoing is what our vote and voice had turn to in naija democracy, and we have a leader who is failrly prone to the masses, why cant we just take our plight as it is rather than wait or support another government who may not even acchieve what OBJ has done so far.
In another development, OBJ seems to be the best option for us for now to move Nigerian forward since his stubborness seems to be working for us, and to think that it is only someone sturbborn but not brutal that can successfuly rule this country. OBJ had tackle the mafia behind the refineries, hence we have constant fuel supply, no more queues, he had taken over the mafia who always provide fig leaf for corrupt officials, and he had taken headlong the problem of NEPA which by next year 2007, we would have been producing the excess of megawatts of electricity that we need thereby dealing a great blow to the mafia of generators manufacturers and their numerous sabotage. OBJ is trying it is just that naija is so decay that only a stubborn president or (focussed) president can deliver us.
I as a writer has nothing to gain in his continued rule other than the impact felt by the masses, so i believe a leader we had known is better than a bunch who are eagerly waiting for him to vacate the government and start unleashing their own programme of how to enrich themselves again at the expense of the masses. OBJ seems to be very selective when choosing those who are to serve this country, and the awareness of corruption is spreading fast, who knows another incoming government may legalise it.
The argument that he is ammending the constitution to achieve this is untenable, because other countries that achieve greatness in their democracy has to pass through so many problems before they succeed. Besides, what is practicable in one country may not be tenable in Nigeria.
Pause and ponder if the masses actually have anything to lose if OBJ decide to gop for third term, after my own pondering, I put it to you that we dont have nothing to lose, therefore let us leave the ranting, the shouting and the opposition of the alledged 3rd term agenda to those who will gain something personally and individually and not opposing it from the masses point of view.

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