Monday, March 21, 2011

I Still Hate Politics

Of recent, my facebook status and comments is on Politics, and mostly about the candidacy of the incumbent, President Goodluck E. Jonathan.  Until now, even at the time of writing this, I aint into politics, and would never will, because I cant stand the double dealing, carpet crossing, back stabbing etc, some of these clearly put me off.
I was however pushed into supporting the candidacy of GEJ by my facebook friends who mostly believed General Muhammadu Buhari and Prophet Bakare which they termed (BB) were a better candidate than GEJ.  Each time I logged in to my facebook account, it is one noise or the other about how he is the next best thing. The noise is so deafening that, they invented captioned like, 100 reasons why BB is the answer, why they dont vote Buhari in the past etc.  As a GEJ supporter, I began to run away from such post and chant. Then I decided to fight back, now a lot of people believed I am some kind of card carrying member of PDP.
Let me set the record straight, I have never met Mr President physically, nor do I belong to PDP, but he is my President, and I believed in him. I believed in his candidacy, but I am not his agent or that of PDP.  someone was so pissed off with the way of my strong defence for GEJ that he put it in his Status in capital letter that I am GEJ agent. I would love to, it is an honour, but I aint.
Who doesnt want to be linked with the President, no wonder I am with Dbanj as regard the Interview the President granted him on Silverbird TV. I used to tell people that, if it were to be Buhari that adopted that kind of style, Dbanj will receive lots of applause from the BB supporters. The condemnation was so deafening because most of BB supporters are elites who are online, mostly on facebook, twitter etc. Dbanj should ignore them, they will seize the opportunity if Buhari ask them to come and anchor that kind of programme for him too.
so, pause and ponder, with my recent recalcitrant posture on candidacy of GEJ, does it really look like am into Politics, while in actual fact, I hate politics with a passion.?

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