Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Facebook and Twitter killing Blogging?

Gone are the days when net crawlers like me will be refreshing Blog aggregator to get updates on bloggers.  You want to keep abreast to what happens around the world first hand through the inspirations of bloggers. Bloggers making waves back then are Chxta's world, Grandiose parlour, Akin's blog, Omodudu, Jeremy's blog, Funmi Iyanda's blog just to mention a few.
But with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, seems blogging is becoming history, as updates of blogs by bloggers is dying.  Take for instance, this year alone, and we are in march, Grandiose Parlour and Omodudu both only had  one updates, Funmi Iyanda hasnt updated since October last year, while Chxta's world updated last in February. Akin's blog and Jeremy's naija blog however  updated their blog regularly.
Yours truly also performed poorly in this regards, as my 2 blogs - Nollywood photoblog and this one had not seen updates in a long time.
While I am not saying categorically that Facebook and Twitter seems to be the only reasons, they may however contributed since in a few words, it is easier to capture whatever one need to update on the blog.
Pause and ponder, is this what is going to happen? I stand to confirm my worst fears on this in a couple of years. Meanwhile, this is a wake up call for me, as I am not determined more than ever to update my blogs as and when the need arises, twitter or facebook notwithstanding.

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Maddox Ojimadu said...

Check your blogs, how many comments do you see people leave on them? That should tell you why bloggers aren't that keen anymore.