Monday, March 14, 2011

When Domestic helps are Dubious

When i was young, I used to viewed it seriously the act of making someone an househelps. I used to go like, I wouldnt want my child to be one, so why would i used someone else child as one.  My orientations changes later in life when I discovered that they are necessary in one daily life. I agreed to this concepts even though I make sure they are treated best in my entire household.
Experience had shown that when seeking househelps, the agents are dubious, so also are the househelps too. The agents will want to supply to highest bidder, while the househelp themselves will come with just the cloth they are wearing, as if they dont have more than that one.  When they travel for holiday, they hardly come back, they prefer to try a new ground where they will be treated as fresh, and then get a new set of clothes and wages.  All these point to one facts, they are dubious and can never be trusted.  The househelp business is becoming a 419 sort of, all the parties involved are so dubious that it is very advisable to have the underlisted tips in mind.
The other day someone sent me a broadcast message on my blackberry, it goes thus:
1. Get your domestic helps to provide 3 guarantors each. Know these guarantors.
2. Call home several times a day preferably to a landline
3. Get to know your neighbours and try to be on good terms with them. Chances are they may report suspicious activity.
4. Have a close relative over as much as possible. Your sibling or parents is unlikely to harm your child.
5. Do not deliberately extend your hours at work. sitting idle in the office waiting for traffic to subside might not be such a good idea.
6. If you really dont have time to be a parent, then dont be.
7. Teach your child (especially your daughter) the parts of her body that are off limits to anybody except you or a doctor.
8. As early as possible, your child should know your name (not "mummy" or "daddy"), your address, where you work, and your telephone number.
9. Be kind to your domestic helps. whether you like to admit it or not, for some people, these helps do more parenting than parents!
10. Pray for your kids and be vigilant.
Pause and ponder, dont you think these tips are highly necessary?


Akin said...

Hello TwinsTaiye,

Thank you for this blog, it inspired me to write in addition to the points you raised.

Thought Picnic: House helps in the family setting A more than cautionary note about needful parenting.

Welcome back to blogging.



Emy said...

Nice one. I have always been scared of househelps, not with what goes on these days. But nice tips you gave for getting a honest househelp