Friday, July 13, 2007

The Attacking Flying Eagles wont go far

Mark my words, the flying eagles will not get pass the next stage of the competition. I had not seen any vision, I just felt they are not good enough for the trophy. Let truth be told, and let me set aside sentiments of being a Nigerian, the present flying eagles team lack what it takes to continue in the competition. The only thing good about this team is their attacking nature and ball possession, but they lack the experience and capacity of utilising such advantages.
The number 15 shirt - Ideye Brown who is the point striker lacks poor finishing, they hardly take shot at goals, and when they does, it is always at the wrong opportunity. The best among the team are number 6 shirt, Ambrose Efe, and the number 4 shirt. The goal tender is good too, and I wonder whether the injured first choice keeper can do better than him.
Just ponder over this, if we win our next match, we probably will reach the final, but I am quite sure we cant go beyond the quarter final stage, at least that will be a good commensurate to our poor preparation for the event, reaching the final will be like, everything is well with our football.

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