Monday, July 16, 2007

The Fighting Flying Eagles Meet their Waterloo

Just like I predicted in my last post that the flying eagles will not get past the next stage, it did came to pass yesterday when they met their waterloo in Chile.
However, the attacking flying eagles did fought gallantly, and it took the assistance of the centre referee to help subdue their fighting spirit. The truth is, the first goal, offside as it looks like, was allow for a goal by the match officials, and that demoralise the eagles. They press on forward to equalise, and again the referee came to the rescue of the Chileans again, by allowing another offsides that resulted in penalty.
Having said all this, the attacking flying eagles did their best, at least they were not disgraced in a competition where the likes of US, Mexico were also sent packing. The next thing is for the football authorities to learn from what went wrong and move forward. Just like I said earlier on in my post, it is good we do not get past this stage, as it would send a wrong signal that all is well with our preparations.

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