Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Month of July

The month of July virtually come and go in my life, until I got married in 2004. From then on, it is always one event to celebrate or the other any time I witness the month of July.
For a start, I got married on 18th July 2004 precisely 3 years today, I guess today is the 3rd year anniversary of our marriage. As if that is not enough, my wife's birthday is also July 10th. I remember we tried as much as possible to hold our wedding on 10th July back then so that we would be celebrating two things together on 10th July, but tried as we did, the marriage could not hold on that day.
And lastly, our bundle of joy arrived on 28th of July making it another occasion to celebrate especially where birthday is concerned. I guess to save cost, we need to fix all the celebration till July 28th and make it 3 in 1. So far, I am the odd one out in the family as birth date is concerned, because I hold the same month with Nigeria Independence.
Ever ponder how some things are mere coincidence? I guess my family and the month of July is another coincidence.


Boso said...

Wow....that's a lot of activity in one month !!

twinstaiye said...

You are right Boso, and a lot of spending too.

ababoypart2 said...

Happy Anniversary.

twinstaiye said...

Thanks ababoypart2, I appreciates.