Monday, July 23, 2007

Olusoji Fasuba rejects Nigeria Flag

Olusoji Fasuba create some mild drama after winning the gold medal in the 100m event at the just concluded 9th All Africa Games and some people think it was a shame to the nation. Fasuba was reported to have on two occasions rejected the Nigeria national flag for a victory run.
Eye witness at the stadium on that day narrated, Calistus Ebare of AIT threw the Nigerian flag to him as was the practised when an athlete won gold in major events, but the athlete did not picked the flag, this further prompted Frank Ilaboya of Sportville to take it to him on the tracks, which he still refused by making a gesture indicating he didn’t want the flag. Finally, his colleague, Uchenna Emedolu, collected the flag and hand it over to Fasuba again who again rejected the flag and continue the celebration without any flag.
We awaits his official reasons for this unpatriotic, shameful and disgraceful episodes. Meanwhile, that perhaps prompt me to pause and ponder whether that action is an indication that the athlete is about to dump the country or perhaps his own little way of protesting some lack of preparations on the part of officials of Team Nigeria. Like I said, earlier, we awaits his official reasons.


which way nigeria said...

Well said..., we await his official position; but, you and I know better. It is not normal for us to rise as Nigerian to savor victory with our compatriots when in the course of it there were utterly abandoned.

We as a country need to reap where we have sown substantially and not latching on other peoples hard work to claim victory and service our egos.

congratulations, Fasuba.

Anonymous said...

Of what use is the Flag when the country gives a damn about whatever anyone is going through.Despite all odds the guy represented the country and did the country proud winning the medal. What patriotism could be more from a star that has offers to represent different countries. To hell With the Flag if carrying the flag is all about showing the guy is from nigeria and no other thing comes after except ahand shake. Abeg carry your Wahala go Joo. Weldone Jare Olu. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Although this incident happened last year in the clear view of the world which to me is unpatriotic i wouldn't know his reason(s) for the rejection of the flag of Nigeria but in my opinion watever the reason might be we must not deny the fact that we can't change the situation(s) in the country until we all contribute our own quota the best way we can.Olusoji Fasuba was in that position to do that but he chose to tell the world how Nigerians are turning thier backs on thier own nation.I have chosen to be Patriotic to Nigeria bo matter what may be happening in the Nation presently cos i've seen it all but i can't the fact that am a Nigerian by birth.Once a Nigerria Forever a Nigerian.Biodun-Lekki.

Anonymous said...

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