Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chris Benoit - The WWE Wrestler's Tragedy

The wrestling world has suffered another blow. WWE sensation Chris Benoit was found dead, along with his wife and son. He was 40 years old.

Benoit, his wife Nancy and his 7-year-old son Daniel were found in their Georgia home on Monday. On Tuesday, authorities announced that Benoit had strangled his wife and smothered his son before hanging himself.

Also today, the CNN on Larry King LIVE also confirmed that Benoit actually killed his wife and son before killing himself.

From an investigation that had taken place since that time when the incident happened, and continued at the crime lab earlier, where autopsies were performed on all three subjects, the case was ruled as a double homicide-suicide. Evidence in the home leads us to believe that Mr. Benoit had, sometime - possibly Friday, had murdered his wife by asphyxiation. Sometime shortly after that, on the early part of the weekend, the same for his son, Daniel, and, then maybe later on Saturday evening, some time early Sunday, had committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement area. Further results from the crime lab are still being awaited, which will include toxicology reports which can take up to several weeks to get all of that information back.

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