Monday, June 11, 2007

The Defiant of Okada Riders in Abuja

It isnt news that Commercial Motorcycle popularly called Okada was banned in Abuja last year, what is news is that the moment the Erstwhile Minister of Federal Capital vacated office as a result of the end of his tenure with the government of Obasanjo Administration, the Okada riders are back.
Most of them that were interviewed hinged their comback on the exit of former Minister, and of course the end of Obasanjo Administration. Of particular is the fact that, most of this okada riders believed that as long as Obasanjo and El-Rufai are no more holding forth in Office, the law banning their trade is no more enforceable.
This defiance caused the administration of Federal Capital to descend heavily on this and today, about 250 motorcycles had been impounded while a mobile court was set up to try offenders with over 20 already sentenced to 3 months imprisonment.
With the clampdown on them, one would have thought it will serve as deterrent, but some of them still remain defiant, choosing of course to operate early in the morning and of course in the evening when they know the task force would either not have resumed for work or had already closed for the day.
This defiance had caused this blogger to pause and ponder why they can subject themselves to such risk knowing fully well that they may be arrested and prosecuted. The truth however is that most of them are illiterates who does not believe that the law prohibiting their operations is still in force, other who are literate could not afford to leave the trade since it is a means of livelihood to them. One then ponders that there is indeed money in the business, no wonder some of the Okada riders does not own the Motorcycle, but are mere riders who are expected to deliver certain amount of money at the end of the day to the real owners. These types are the ones that remain defiant, believing that it is the Motorcycle who will suffer the consequences once it is impounded.
Despite the fact that it was only Abuja town that they were restrained from operating, they are however allowed to operate in Abuja town environs. One would have thought they will abide by this law, but they chose to remain defiant. Talk of New government, new sets of laws, at least, that is what the Okada Operators thinks.

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Boso said...

That's what illiteracy, and several years of military rule does to you. It's just like the South South governors asking for Dokubo to be released. He was charged in a court of law, and last time I checked, we don't allow presidential pardons in Nigeria. The rule of law means he has to face a court..... but because Obasanjo has left, some people think he should be released....