Friday, June 1, 2007

A Fast one by Petrol Attendant

As if the increase in fuel prices is not enough, those Petrol Attendants would not stop trying to extort money from you by playing a fast one on you any time you are filing your tank at Petrol Filing Stations.
The computerised Pumping machine installed does not even detar them from pulling a fast one. One Petrol Attendant played a fast one on me today and actually got away with it, I discovered this because I paid for over 25 litre of fuel and yet my tank revealed he did actually play a fast one on me. He punch 2,000 naira worth of fuel on the computerised pumping machine quite alright, when the machine had dispensed 1,000 worth of fuel, I was carried away with the serene environment of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, and was distracted from monitoring the transaction. By the time I was jolted back to the transaction, the pumping machine merely read "preset" and I thot it has finished dispensing, since it will stop after the programmed input amount has been dispensed. It was when I enter my car that I knew he had play a fast one on me. Probably the machine stopped or he corniously tamper with it, the amount of fuel dispensed does not commensurate with the amount I paid.
Fellow bloggers shoud learn from this experience. Try and glue your eye to the pumping machine until the quantity of fuel you paid for is dispensed.
Has anyone pause to ponder that everyone has gone crazy with this get rich quick syndrome through this Oil money, even the petrol attendant are not exempted.


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You can't beat them at the game. All the same, it pays to be vigilant. I always avoided crowded Filling Stations. This will help me to concentrate on their meter.