Friday, June 8, 2007

Running Scared

We all must have experienced this one way or the other. But this particular one I am about to narrate happened to a friend, it was indeed 'running scared'
My friend had stayed in 6 different places in Abuja here and have each place demolished. He was so unlucky. Here in Abuja before Mallam El-Rufai came in as Minister, it is a common practice to see people building illegal mud houses. It is usually mud houses because the land itself was illegal, they bought the land for a meagre sum knowing fully well that the government can come at any time to demolish it. So my friend was unlucky to rent such houses on 6 different occasions and on each occasions, have his house demolished. The most painful aspect is that he ended up losing his rental fees on such scenarios.
I think he fell into such circumstances because he is a low income earner who cannot afford to rent those flats or self-contained room which goes for exorbitant amount. Now my friend live in the outskirt of Abuja and still scare that perhaps where he is resident could be subjected to another demolition even though it is in Nassarawa State. Now that is what I called 'Running Scared' . Can you blame him, the fear of 'Demolition' is the beginning of wisdom in Abuja.

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