Thursday, June 21, 2007


I got promoted in the office this week, having been traumatised about the outcome of the promotion exercised for the past 5 months now. Where I work, which is a federal government parastatals, promotion is like going for a job interview. You have to sit for a written examination, then thereafter attend an oral interview.
The preparation for those two is traumatic in entirety because you need to prepare very well like someone going to sit for Cambridge Examination. Then on the day of the interview, more trauma ensues because we were not interview during the appointed time. The agony is more increased when you realised that, you may end up been asked to come the second day to finish the interview, when you already prepared to let go all that you have memorised to go with the appointed day of the interview. But alas, the interview was compoleted that day.
Now come the result, it was delayed for over 5 months, leaving room for manipulation. At a time I gave up that it has been swept under the carpet, until this week when I received my promotion letter, and realisation that 8 out of 15 in our category scale through the interview.
Truth is, this is the first major promotion I had gotten in my entire working career spanning 15 years in different establishment, so it calls for celebration, and indeed "I must wash am".
But the strike action took shine off the good tidings as everywhere seem paralysed as a result of the strike action, so I may have to postpone the "washing" till later after the strike. You are all cordially invited.


Omodudu said...

Congratulobia oh.

Ishtar said...

Wow, that must be a tough procedure! Happy to have a work that does not involve money... :-D

Greetings from Niger Rep,

Boso said...

Congratulations !!