Monday, September 10, 2007

I am back

3 weeks now I have left this blog unattended. I explained the reasons when I took the leave of absence. My 3 weeks absence open my eyes as for the first time in my life I travel all the way from Abuja to Ilorin all by myself and alone in the vehicle, and indeed a smooth journey. My journey also took me to Lagos where also for the first time in my life, I saw how the Area Boys do their things. I witness the way and manners they collect toll from the danfo drivers as if they are the one they are working to take care of, I however do not pity my danfo driver I boarded because he tried to take a fast one on us (Me and my friend who is my guide). In all, he had to settled about 11 different groups of area boys on our way to Oshodi bridge from Ojota. Lagos will always be Lagos, probably the only city in Nigeria that bear a native name and English name - Eko and Lagos.
While away, I also visited Ilorin town in Kwara State. It is still its old self, with the idea of blocking the road just to hold festivities. I had trouble making my way around. But I must confess that the town is very neat and tidy, the Governor is doing an excellent job on this part.
Now, while I was away, I wasnt current with much of the news around, but I heard of the suspension put on denomination of the Naira. Some even argue that, the government had to veto its suspension because of some powerful people it will be affected, other even argue that its suspension is political in nature because at the end of the day when the action become successful, the CBN Governor will be more powerful than the President himself. Can you believe that, what an arrant nonsense.
I cannot but also comment on the Madam Speaker's 'Contract Gate'. I wonder what the fuse is all about, all the present crop of legislators needs to do is to check on the precedents before the advent of this new speaker what has been the practice. I am quite sure she follows the footsteps of her precedecessors in office. Perhaps there is so much dust on this one because she is a MADAM Speaker. It is the systems that is bad, not the Madam speaker herself.
During my leave of absence, I also happen to get in touch with Joan Agabi - remember her? Well, let me reminded you of her, she is one of the housemates of the famous Big Brother Nigeria. I had some interesting vital statistics on her which I will publish in due course.
Now that I am back, I guess I am back with a bang!

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