Monday, September 24, 2007

Was that fighting for our sake?

I was so much consumed with work that I hardly find time to comment on last week show of shame at the House of Representatives. The question that keep ringing in my mind since then was whether those boxing, those shouting, those temper flaring and of course those show of same were all for our sake. I mean we the masses are the one those legislators claimed they represent at the House, therefore, was all those fighting for our sake? Are they doing that to defend our interest?
The answer of course is a capital NO. They are doing that to defend their own selfish interest and I made bold to say that they are defending their pocket as well as fighting for the money they have collected.
Like I had commented earlier on this blog, what Madam Speaker did was not a new thing, it has always been the case at the House, I wonder why there was so much noise on this particular Speaker probably because she is a woman. Of course, I need to bring gender into it since the whole house did not deem it fit to include a woman on the panel investigating the whole saga. I think the whole fighting and noise making was the fall out of the appointment of the House Committees Chairman and other juicy positions. Some people are hell bent that the Speaker must go, to pave way for their parochial interest.
Mind you, I am not saying I support the Speaker, what I am saying is that they are all the same, it will still be the same story, should another person come on board.
Enough of those show of shame, we the masses are not impressed one bit other than that they are showing their real self to us - Thieves!
So, pause and ponder along with me whether those fighting are being embark on by our Legislators to protect the interest of electorates. I dont think so.

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