Friday, September 21, 2007

Joan Agabi of Big Brother Nigeria

Yes, Joan of Big Brother Nigeria, I had a chat with her of recent and was able to extract some answers to questions a lot of her fans had wanted to ask her. Here goes

PTP: How have you been coping with fame after the BBN?
Joan: we handle it as it comes.

PTP: After your participation in BBN, what have you been doing?
Joan: Acting in movies and soaps.

PTP: Can you mention some of the films you have participated in?
Joan: A price to pay, be my val, duty, twisted.

PTP: How have you gone with furthering your studies?
Joan: School starts in febuary.

PTP: Going personal now, a lot of your fans will want to know candidly, what has been happening between you and Chinedu?
Joan: We have remained good friends.

PTP: What is your general view about Nollywood?
Joan: It is a work in progress.

PTP: Who is your favourite housemates in Big Brother Africa.
Joan: I dont watch much of TV but i would say richard is ok.

PTP: Can you compare the BBN and BBA.
Joan: It is different a lot.

PTP: How had it been going with you and other BBN housemates after the show.
Joan: Everyone is doing fine.

Next on this blog will be her Vital Statistics. Watch out!

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