Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NFA/NFL Crisis

Even FIFA the highest ruling body of the game had not laid an example of banning its official for 3 years despite the offences as serious as mismanaging money. But, here in Nigeria, anything is possible. For merely fighting to save our league and pivoting it to a better standard and refusing to allow the laid down foundation to be jeopardised, the NFL Chairman Obaseki and its deputies got suspended for 3 and 2 years respectively.
Nigerian football is in for another problem this year. Despite the fact that, it was planned to start our own league to run parri-passu with that of eruope, the league has not yet start up till now due to NFA/NFL Crisis. The bone of contention this time around is appointment of referees for league matches even though everyone knows it wasnt that but globacom money to run the league. The truth of that however came out when the seeming bone of contention i.e appointment of referees for matches was settled when the NFL agreed that it was NFA who could appoint referees. The imbroglio continued with the NFL chairman getting suspended along with his deputies.
Now, our football is in problem and the league might take a while before it commences unless the Senate successfully waded into the matter and resolved it amicably. What is more, the Club Owners Association had take a stand that it will not ordered its clubs to participate in the league scheduled to take off this weekend if the NFL officials suspended are not re-instated. What an Impasse!
When will our football be run by the professionals and not by politicians? When would NFA be run like the real NFA and not like a Federal Ministry or Parastatals? When would NFA be more responsible and avoided ugly incidences like unpaid bonus to Super Eagles, Super Falcon and of course glaring neglect of the Golden Eaglet before their triumph at the U-17 African Nation Cup as well as their shot at the real thing - U-17 FIFA World Cup which they won, but which NFA has been going about with the accolades as if they were the true brain behind the achievement.


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