Monday, September 10, 2007

What about the Silver Eaglets?

When the Ugbade led Eaglet won the maiden edition of the U-16 world youth Tournament in china in 1985, all the sets of the recently crowned Golden eaglet were yet to be born, neither were they when the next eaglet failed to lift the trophy again in Canada 2 years later. How time flies.
While we are quick to remember the three occasions where we triumphed in the competition, it is a pity how we are quick to forget to celebrate the period when we came close to winning the trophy i.e Canada in 1987 and Trinidad & Tobago in 2001. So I said what about the Silver Eaglets? Those of us who still cares, does these names still rings a bell as regards those who took Silver in Canada 87 even though they lost on penalties, or these names that clinch Silver in 2001?

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