Friday, September 14, 2007

See My Daddy's Car

My Son is 2 years old and you can never guess what his daddy's car look like, but the truth is he can recognise the make of the car at any slightest sight of it. He is now accustomed to the phrase "See my daddy's car" each time he sighted the make of the car irrespective of colour or model. Nobody seems to know how he was able to photographed the make of that car in his brain. On a long journey that involves him of recent, he actually make the journey less stressful because each time he sighted the make of his daddy's car, he will draw our attention to it. If you are lock in a deep conversation and you seems not to listen to his 'phrase' he continue to shout your name until you discard such conversation and reply with another phrase he is accustomed to i.e 'yeah, See this boy daddy's car'. Kids!!!