Friday, March 30, 2007

And she was conned

I was coming to the office yesterday, when I remembered while driving that I need some certain sum of money from her, so I call her to find time to go to the bank and collect the sum from her account and when I come back from office, I would need the cash.
I was in the office when she called me informing me that she has been conned of the money she withdraw from the bank as well as the one she has in hand.
How it happened, when she narrated it to me is really provoking, it is a mixed of conning, hypnotising and rendering assistance.
I decided to let fellow bloggers especially in Nigeria aware that 419 by con men really exist, though this one happened in Abuja. Fellow bloggers should try and tell their wards, close relations to desist from engaging in a long conversation with some people they dont know or never met, it always start from that scenarios.
More of those people that needs to be careful are those who are in diaspora, especially when sending money home through MONEYGRAM or WESTERN UNION, they should try and remind the beneficiaries of such cash to be cognizance of those people they talk to as soon as they are leaving the bank.
Ever ponder as I do why some people cannot look for a decent job, other than just to con other people of their own money? Have they ever pause to ponder that nemesis will surely meet with them?
The lady that this happened to yesterday was seriously stressed, but what the con men failed to realised was that, she chosed that day to observed fasting, and at the end of the whole episode, after I had persuade her to let them be, she rained curse on them. A curse I have every reason to believed will surely stick with them in a very near future.

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