Monday, March 26, 2007

Double Standard (1)

Today, I start a series of double standard notion of Nigerians and the people against the fight against corruption. I will kick off today with the outcome of Senate action on PTDF.
When Ndoma Egba committee submitted its report, there was only one dissenting voice, who insisted that the report of the committee was compromised, there was uproar, and some senators even lectured Nigerians on how important a 'dissenting voice' is all about. The principle of a simple majority was put into dustbin, since out of 11 members committee, 10 support the report and 1 against, which clearly shows that, the majority voice should carry the day, but since they agenda is to rope in Obasanjo, the dissenting voice was more important than the 10 others members voice. It was as a result of this that a new 5 man review committee was set up to look at Ndoma-Egba committee report.
Now that a member of the five man review panel- Senator Akin Olasunkanmi, has equally protested the review report and tendered a dissenting report, one would have expected the senate to start preaching the rules surrounding the 'dissenting voice' and its importance again, infact, will the Senate constitute another review panel to review the Tsauri panel report?" The answer is no, the Tsauri panel report has satisfied their agenda and that is to nail Obasanjo. Case closed. For instance, The Tsauri panel submitted that his committee finds that in the case of the additional approval of $20 million on 14th October, 2003, the then Executive Secretary, Hamisu Abubakar, misrepresented the facts and wrongfully obtained approval from His Excellency, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria', Meanwhile, the VP continue to swore that the approval was from the President.
Now, that is a double standard, and it can only be allowed to go without unchecked so long as Obasanjo's foes and enemies are growing each day because of his anti-corruption crusade. Now, has anyone ever ponder, who can fight agaisnt corruption as President of this country, just name one person that you think if he become the president, he can fight corruption?

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