Monday, March 12, 2007

Do the opposition fight fair?

Recently, I noticed that most of the fights of politicial opposition in this country are not fair at all. They get away with them because this present administration has made more enemies than friend with its policies of anti-corruption, pulling down of houses, power supply problems, unemployment and poverty.
Have anyone ponder that, the opposition one way or the other are also guilty of the same thing we accused this government of? All you need to do is take a glimpse of how some of this opposing party rule their present state? Was there any different? Must this administration take all the blame?
Yar'adua was taken ill last week, and the rumour was spreading like wild fire that he is dead, some even went as far as castigating him for not treating himself in this country, and wondered what manner of a president he would be? Perhaps I have been too forward to wondered on the same vein about the health of the Vice-President too? He has also been flown abroad for surgery, because he had an accident. Treatment abroad became inevitable because it was discovered that equipment needed for urgent surgery were not available even at the apex National Hospital.
So what happened to the surgery needed by thousands of Nigerians who are involved in more serious accident than that of the VP, but also need surgery? What is good for geese is also good for the gander, while we want this present government to go at all cost, we must be careful, who we give our support to, because it might turn out that they are worse than this present government.
Ponder along with me, do the opposition fight fair in this democractic settings? Ponder very well before you give your support.

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As A Nigerian born US citizen who observes the Health care availability in that country from a far can not help but wonder why more better care services are not made available, affordable and accessible for the RANK & FILE citizens.