Tuesday, March 13, 2007

By their teams, you shall know them

The rate at which the chelsea fans are growing are alarming, and in the past when they have won no laurels, or has millions at their disposals, their fans are very very minimal. The truth is that 90% of Chelsea fans in Nigeria are post Abrhamovich. Does that means, Nigerian fans identified more with laurels or rich. There was a guy telling me the other time, that most chelsea fans in Nigeria are from the east, because of chelsea millions, can you believe that?
Others also believed that most Nigerians soccer fans identified with laurels and rich as seen from the supporters of Manchester United. They believe that Man-U has large supporters of Nigerians because of the way they dominated winning of laurels in England because they had money to spend on quality players, the same with Real Madrid.
Others believed that, those who are Arsenal fans or Brazillian soccer are the real lover of the game, who believed in free flowing football and entertainment that goes with it. They argued that, there is no game involving Arsenal that you wont enjoy, the same goes with Barcelona of spain.
Lastly, that those who are fans of Italian teams are those who are either aggressive in nature, or love the physical aspect of the game, while those who are fans of argentine teams are those who have cheating tendencies in their system.
Ever ponder along this reasoning?


Calabar Gal said...

Its alarming the way we all turn out in naija in chelsea, arsenal or man u shirts whenever the teams are playing but no one wants cares or wants to know what is happening in the football league over there in naija in the first division.

I advocate supporting our rangers and Shooting Stars and El Kanemi FC also.

Chxta said...

I support Insurance of Benin, as well as Juventus of Turin, and I have supported both clubs for over twenty years now.
Even here in the UK, Andy Gray was talking about this same topic a few days back when some touts went to attack some other supporters: "Chelsea couldn't even fill the stands four seasons ago, now there are people who claim that they can die for the club."
It is pathetic.