Friday, March 2, 2007

Victory for Democracy?

Obasanjo sure has many enemies nowadays, the enemies are so much that the achievements of OBJ so far in his 8 years rule was swept under the carpet. Baba as he is fondly called has stepped on so many toes so much that they have labelled him a dictator, a name I want to believed is coined as an appelation for any serious person who really want to rule this country the best way we know how to be handled. There is no gainsaying that Nigeria needs a stubborn president, and this is very clear in the candidacy of Obasanjo whose stubborness in governing this country make him to achieve what he has achieved so far, albeit fearlessly not minding whose ox is gored. Even though, he warned in his first broadcast as President that he is going to step on toes, which is excactly what had happened.
Has anyone pause to ponder that it was only of recent and indeed after the 3rd term saga that all enemies Obasanjo has made made bold faces to confront headlong and hinging their confrontation on only one thing the world would love to hear - Democracy. Just pause and ponder, whenever they succeed in either a favourable court ruling against Obasanjo, they will say it is a victory for democracy, as if Obasanjo is an enemy of democracy. Now where the court ruling is not in favour of their fight against Obasanjo, they will say it is a sponsor ruling against democracy. The truth is no democracy anywhere in the world can succeed without a fight against corruption, which to me, Obasanjo took headlong, not minding whose ox is gored. Today, instead of us to give gratitude to him for even starting the war at all, a war that any past government has corniously sidelined, we continue to labeled him enemy of democracy.
Has anyone pause and ponder whether any president can fight corruption and nip it in the bud like Obasanjo did and go scot free without stepping on toes, i mean powerful toes? Even if it is a selective fight as the corrupt politicians made us to believe, has anyone in the list able to clear his/her name in a competent court of law before we can believe it is selective?
I want us to use this period as a reflection point in Obasanjo's 8 years rule, he did his best, we should not let those who think his stubborness is blocking their way to progress as it was in the past, befuddled our judgement that this man Obasanjo is an enemy of democracy. What name would we called those who are used to enriching themselves as public office holder in the past, but cannot do so under his regime? Should we call them Anti-Corruption politician? Pause and ponder?
In another development, I enjoined us to pause and ponder again on the feud between Obasanjo and his deputy, who is more confrontational between the two? Has anyone noticed that it is Atiku that is always at slightest opportunity exposing the dark secrets of his boss? It is from him we hear that Obasanjo bought a car for a woman friend, it was from him we heard that Obasanjo has business all over Nigeria, as if Atiku himself has never bought a car for a woman friend or has Business all over Nigeria. I mean, it is just a matter of small investigation for Obasanjo to carried out to know his Vice dark secrets, but he chose not to revealed any of them, but unconcerned about Atiku's unending exposition of his own secrets - talk of who the type of a man Atiku is?
Has anyone also pause and ponder what manner of a dictator Obasanjo was? Here is a president who has lost more cases in his feud with his deputy, if he is a dictator, I thought he will take his dictatorship to the Judiciary by prevailing on the judges loyal to him to handle cases.
As it is with Nigeria, it is only when you leave an office that your worth is noted, I guess it is the same with the case of President Obasanjo, it took looking beyond selfish interest to note that, he did his best, just pause and ponder over this.

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