Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I wasnt predicting anything, but I just felt jolt by series of predictions coming from Men of God in Nigeria. It was during the last qualification for world cup in germany which Nigeria failed to make the list, one man of God came out openly to predict even before the final qualifier matches were played that Nigeria will be in Germany. He continue to be so sure of his preduction that when th elast match were played, and Nigeria failed to qualify through head to head rule, he still maintain that we would be in Germany. All said and done, his prediction goes hawire.
Of recent, there have been predictions coming from men of God in Nigeria about the forthcoming elections. First was from Nabi Coz Haim, the prophet from Okposi Okwu Izo in Ebonyi state, whose predictions in the Daily News of January, 28 2007 were as follows:
"Some are outright outlandish, perhaps as outlandish as his satorial preference. For example, his revelation that the sitting president will be ousted in a coup and even detained is one such. With less than four months to quit as president of Nigeria, it is highly unlikely to conceive of any change of government against Obasanjo. Still, Nabi Coz not only foresees that but even allows that an interim government in sure to be, “to be headed by Alex Ekwueme.”

He does not stop there. “Nothing,” he says, “nothing can stop an Igbo man from becoming president of Nigeria in the next April polls.” Some political science students are likely to thumb their noses at this prophecy but certainly not the man foreseeing it. Strangely enough, it isn’t even the man who will head the interim government that will morph into the next president. Nabi Coz’s man is Ebitu Ukiwe.

Whether its because of their enterpreneurial drive or because he is an Igbo himself, Nabi Coz says that by the time an Igbo man becomes president, “Nigeria will become another Japan in the world.”
And on and on he goes, even recommending that Nigerians go into fasting from March 1 – May 31, and even stipulating portions to read in the bible – Psalm 20, 115 & 121; Romans 9, 1-33. But the prophet did not say whether Muslims should also read the verses, or where they should turn to in the Koran.

However, Nabi Coz has a message for pastor/ politician Chris Okotie. “He should stay away from politics because it will affect his ministry between now and 2009.” Clearly, Okotie is a new person in his crystal ball. But not so Governor Orji Uzor Kalu. Three years ago, Nabi Coz predicted that Kalu will become vice president.

Last week, he stood by his forecast about Abia state chief executive officer. but has extended it now by a few more years. “He will become vice president on or before the year 2021. Orji Kalu should also pray for this coming regime may not favour him.” What he forsees is some difficulties Orji Kalu is likely to experience in his businesses.

Nabi Coz’s predictions not only concern people. Businesses and banks are mentioned. Even after Professor Charles Soludo’s consolidation to strengthen the banks, a popular bank, Nabi Coz predicts, will go under this year but he didn’t mention no names. Even airlines are not left out. Whether its because of the spate of air disasters in the past or just a smart speculator’s intuition that something might go wrong in the aviation sector is hard to tell. But Nabi Coz predicts there will be some five or so crashes this year.
Also in the line of disaster are some African countries that “will experience earthquakes this year.” The countries, as with the bank, remains unnamed by the prophet.

Nabi Coz is not all about disasters, however. Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, appears in Nabi Coz’s crystal ball as well. “The in-coming government will give Soyinka an international appointment.” Whether ambassadorial or something else, Nabi Coz wasn’t specific. Soyinka, he says, should continue with his struggle for equity and justice.

Others in the prophet’s sight-lines are footballers and evenagelists, and more politicians, even medicine. And here is the best of all his predictions: a cure for HIV/ AIDS is in the offing by way of a vaccine that will be discovered by, wait for it, Jewish scientists."
Another Man of God, Fiery senior pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare also has some prediction for the country especially in the forth coming election.
Also in the Daily Sun of 19th March, 2007, he said “I don’t see any election till October 1,” he declared. Bakare told the congregation at the Sunday worship service that the much anticipated polls might not hold next month, warning that “the lame” would subsequently mount the saddle of leadership. According to the pastor, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’Adua came into the race after General Ibrahim Babangida had been frustrated out.
“Unfortunately, he is not fit. He will eventually step down for another man and we will have a limping president from October 1,” he said.
Now has anyone ponder whether those predictions by the men of God usually come to pass. As it is with the Man of God that predicted that Nigeria will go to World Cup in Germany, and his predictions go haywire, some of the predictions by this two Men of God could be verified as the time come, no wonder I made effort to document them, less anybody forget about them.

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