Friday, March 30, 2007

Double Entries on Nigerian Blogs Aggregator

Was I the only one that noticed that some new posts entries by bloggers are repeated on Nigerian Blogs Aggregator, anytime I saw mine repeated like that, it makes me go jumpy as to what I had done wrong.
Of recent, I take a long look at it and discovered that, it does happened that way anytime you published your new entries but within 60 seconds, you make corrections and publish again. If fellow bloggers take a look at some entries that appeared repeated, you will noticed that they are published within the same time period.
I therefore advise that fellow bloggers should allow at least 5 minutes to edit their entries once such entries had already been published to avoid such double entries, while we awaits the Administrator of Nigerian Blogs Aggregator to come out with clear DIY tips on this.

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racquelle-cutie said...

thanks for the advice i'll be checking up on it