Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Judiciary and the fight against corruption

Not OBJ, but the Judiciary will derail this transition, not with this judgment they issue out at will. Was I the only one that read it that one politician has instituted aa suit to seek a judgment that INEC should be restrain from holding the election in April? Those have started once more, doing what they know how to do best, seeking interlocutory injuctions and the Judiciary are already playing into their hands.
Ony yesterday, a Federal High court in Kaduna has issued a judgment compelling INEC to list a candidate in among those cleared to contest the forthcoming election. The same judge also ruled that the white paper issued by the government on the Administrative Panel set up to investigate some corrupt politician is of no consequence. The reason the learned judge gave was that, they are not given time to defend themselves. Must that be the reason that could lead to quashing the administrative panel's report and the government white paper. The truth is, those politician are not the only one out of numerous politician in this country, the fact that there name was there is to say the least unspeakable of their type. Our judiciary should mind the way they dish out judgment nowadays, or else, the next election date is being threatened. Why not such judgment like asking them to be given more time to defend themselves and at the same time not setting aside the government white paper on it. By the action of the judge, it is making the fight against corruption difficult, because government of the day are not encourage to prosecute those who are found wanting in corruption. If EFCC investigates a politician and another Administrative panel indicted the same politician, what manner of investigation is needed to vouch that such a politician is guilty of corruption.
I must have to say this, that perhaps, the corruption war should start from the judiciary, the EFCC should start investigating some of this judges and their aseets together with assets of those closed to them.
Government should be given benefit of doubt whenever any polician is indicted by the necessary apparatus, since we all know those politicians are well connected and they are powerful, as could be seen with the case of the VP.
Now that election is drawing near, the judiciary must be mindful of the way they grant judgement, especially the type that can derail the next coming election. I ask you to ponder over this too, just as I just ponder aloud.

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